Life Matters: Balancing our work commitments with other elements of a healthy life contributes to our long-term well-being and the health of our families, the community, and the world; we thrive when balanced.

Lauren Kuhr

Practice Administrator

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Security Matters:  Providing employees with financial security is essential for maximizing productivity and efficiency-and is the right thing to do.

Evelyna Caldwell, CPA


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Words and Actions Matter: Being able to fulfill our written and spoken commitments is of utmost importance, and our words and actions will always be highly aligned.

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Evelyna Kuhr

Robbie Sarracino

Staff Accountant

About Us

Relationships Matter:  Building strong, positive working relationships with clients and among ourselves is an important aim and joyful outcome of our time together.

Our Core Values

Annie Palagyi


Quality Matters:  No service is performed without close attention to integrity and excellence; we produce things on time, but never sacrifice quality.

Character Matters:  Work is more than using our intellect to produce something; it is also a means by which we develop and show forth positive character traits, and support one another in our mutual aim to build our many capacities.